Mathematics Frequently Asked Questions

What skills do I need to succeed in this major?

If you're considering a mathematics major at CMU, you should have a willingness to work hard and persevere in the face of a complex problem. An attention to detail and strong reading skills are very important - after all, learning mathematics is also a matter of learning its language. The ability to think analytically and creatively is crucial.

How will I know if this major fits me?

Do you have an interest in solving problems or puzzles? If so, this major is a great choice for you. You will find the same satisfaction in mathematics. The subject is challenging and its rewards are great. Mathematics provides another way of viewing the world. It is beautiful to study for its own sake, but also as a tool that is indispensable in the sciences - biological, physical, social, computer, engineering, and medical. This major is a great choice if you would like to pursue a career requiring logical and creative problem solving.

What can I expect to learn?

As a mathematics student at CMU, you will learn to read, speak and understand the language of mathematics in oral, written and symbolic form. Specifically, you will think critically and analytically, communicate and utilize high level mathematical concepts, problem solve, model the world mathematically, analyze data, form scientific conclusions, and use current technology for mathematical applications.

What technology will I use in this major?

You will use graphing calculators, online learning platforms, and various software packages for statistics, mathematical writing, and numerical analysis.

Will I have opportunities for internships and hands-on learning experiences?

As a CMU mathematics major, you will be required to complete an individual research project before graduating. These projects often relate to other scientific areas, providing excellent opportunities for cross-discipline experience. Internships and research opportunities are available for students who are interested. Many of these opportunities are designed to expand subject knowledge in a particular field of mathematics.

What are CMU mathematics majors saying about their experience?

"My time as a mathematics major at Central Methodist has been challenging, but an overall great experience. CMU has great math professors who know their subjects so well. They challenge students every day to make them better mathematicians." - Kristy Thomas

"As I continue my journey into mathematics at CMU, I am noticing myself becoming not only a better problem solver, but an efficient critical thinker. Learning mathematics isn't memorizing formulas; it's discovering, developing, and mastering sets of tools that can be applied to solve real-world problems. It's these tools that allow me to creatively express myself and solve problems uniquely." - Marlow Case

What are CMU students who graduated with this degree doing now?

Recent mathematics majors from CMU have gone on to pursue graduate studies in statistics, pure mathematics and engineering, as well as careers in teaching, management, actuarial sciences, insurance, and biomedical research.

What are CMU mathematics graduates saying now?

"The environment at CMU fosters curiosity and allows for personal growth. I was offered unique opportunities that I would not have had as a math major at any other university." - T. Muzerewa, CMU Class of 2010

"My professors in math and science encouraged me to learn more every day. They have instilled in me the confidence to be successful." - Cody Wallingford, CMU Class of 2012

Who can I speak with for more information about this major?

For additional guidance and information about the mathematics major, contact CMU's Admissions Department at 660-248-6251, toll-free at 877-CMU-1854, or