Mathematics Degree Program

Do you enjoy working with formulas, recognizing patterns, manipulating symbols, and solving brain teasers? Mathematics students at CMU prepare for successful careers while studying the language of mathematics in oral, written, and symbolic form.

Mathematics Degree Program Offerings

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About This Program

The Mathematics major is diverse, and covers areas such as algebra, calculus, geometry, engineering, analysis, and statistics. Through this program of study, you will develop the skills needed to be qualified for a variety of career paths.

As a CMU Mathematics major, you will have opportunities to:

  • become efficient in the language of mathematics by compiling and analyzing data, problem solving, applying calculations, and presenting solutions
  • participate in learning experiences through projects, internships and research opportunities
  • develop the knowledge and skills needed to pursue an array of career choices in areas such as teaching, computing, engineering, business, economics, statistics, physical science, and other fields requiring strong quantitative skills
  • receive the preparation needed to take the next step into graduate school

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Admission Requirements

Admission to CMU is selective. Our admission staff carefully reviews and evaluates each application on an individual basis. Please review all requirements prior to applying for admission.

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