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For choral auditions prepare a contest-appropriate solo. Our faculty will also assess your range, sightreading skills, and tonal memory. We look forward to hearing about your musical experiences, performances successes, and what you hope to gain by being part of the CMU music program.

Instrumental auditions begin with a contest-appropriate solo or an etude you may have learned for an honor band audition. Be prepared to play a full range chromatic scale and a scale of your choice (preferably a two-octave scale). There will also be a sightreading exercise. We will also want to learn about the things you have accomplished in high school (both musical and leadership) and what you are hoping to do when you are part of the CMU Band.

If you intend to audition for a Worship Band scholarship, find the category that best describes you below. You are welcome to audition in multiple areas.

Vocalist: Prepare two worship songs that best represent your abilities as a singer. You will be evaluated on your musical delivery (tone, flexibility, musicality) as well as your ability to lead a song from a visual perspective (eye contact, conviction, poise). You will also be asked to improvise a harmony part to a common worship chorus if you are comfortable. Singers who can accompany themselves are highly valued.

Guitar/Bass and Keyboard: Prepare one solo piece for your instrument. You will be evaluated on your musical performance: characteristic tone, technique, accuracy, musicianship, stage presence. You will also be asked to improvise a solo to a backing track and/or improvise accompaniment from a lead sheet.

Drum Set: Send a video of yourself performing two song of varying style and tempo with your worship band, school jazz band, school pep band, or other ensemble. You will also be asked to play several typical jazz or commercial "grooves" in person with a metronome.

Are you interested in becoming a part of the Theatre program at CMU? You have options based on your strengths. You can present two contrasting one-minute monologues, or one one-minute monologue and a song, or a technical portfolio/samples of technical work. We look forward to seeing your skills, talking about your experiences, and finding out why you want to be a part of our theatre family.

For additional scholarship information, please visit the Scholarships page.

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