Campus Security Authority

A campus security authority is an individual designated by the university to have responsibility for campus security. These individuals are responsible for reporting criminal incidents that occur on campus, any Central Methodist Property, or in conjunction with any university sanctioned event. The individuals are as follows:

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Dean of Students, 660-248-6267
Director of Plant Operations, 660-248-6296
Director of Human Resource, 660-248-6680
Director of Student Success, 660-248- 6279
Woodward Residence Hall Director, 660-248-6800
McMurry Residence Hall Director, 660-248-6792
Burford Residence Hall Director, 660-248-6900
Holt Hall Residence Hall Director, 660-248-6400
Howard-Payne Hall Residence Hall Director, 660-248-6569

College of Graduate and Extended Studies

Clinton - Site Coordinator, 660-383-1610
Columbia - Associate Dean of the Central Region or Administrative Assistant, 573-447-3311
Fayette - Director of Plant Operations, 660-248-6296
Lake of the Ozarks - Site Coordinator, 573-693-9011
Linn - Site Coordinator, 573-897-5335
Macon - Administrative Assistant, 660-395-8060
Neosho - Site Coordinator, 417-455-5542
Park Hills - Site Coordinator, 573-518-2112
Poplar Bluff - Site Coordinator, 573-840-9010
Sedalia - Site Coordinator, 660-596-7316
St. Louis - Region Coordinators, 314-227-4400
- Assistant Dean, 314-227-4403
Trenton - Associate Dean of the Central Region, 660-248-6378
Union - Site Coordinator, 636-583-8434