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Graduate School Search and Application

Choosing a Graduate School is a big decision.  The James C. Denneny Career Development Center has created a document to assist with the process.  Starting your search early is the best option so you have time to thoroughly research your options and to submit all documentation in a timely manner.  Many times, there are limited seats or Graduate Assistant positions available so beginning early will assure for can apply for the school that is your first choice and have access to multiple options to pay for your education.

graduate school search and application process


Graduate School Timeline

The search for a Graduate School should begin 8 to 9 months prior to graduation.  There are many steps and tasks to complete prior to finalizing enrollment in a graduate program.  The James C. Denneny Career Development Center has created a timeline to make the process easier to ensure you have time to fully explore all  options and can enroll in the Graduate School of your choosing. 

graduate school application timeline


Graduate School

For some, graduate school offers many career benefits; for others, it’s a necessity. CMU alumni are highly sought by graduate schools.

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