Hall of Sponsor Scholarships

Newly Established Hall of Sponsors Scholarship

Endowed scholarships are a great way to provide enduring support of students’ academic pursuits at Central. Through scholarships, we can attract students and enable talented young people to benefit from unique educational experiences at Central Methodist University.

Endowed scholarships can be started with a gift of any size. Once endowment account balances reach $10,000, annual awards to students will be generated and distributed in perpetuity.

If you would like to have the scholarship named in honor or memory of a loved one, or yourself, you could start a Hall of Sponsors Scholarship

Hall of Sponsors Scholarships are Central Methodist’s most prestigious endowed scholarships and are established at three levels:

  • $30,000 - Traditional Hall of Sponsors Scholarship

  • $75,000 - Presidential Hall of Sponsors Scholarship

  • $175,000 - Trustee Hall of Sponsors Scholarship

A framed portrait of the honored person is displayed in Brannock Hall in the Hall of Sponsors Gallery, accompanied by a nameplate and a photograph of the current scholar.

All endowed scholarships can be built or be funded through an outright gift or gifts from one or many people, through an annuity, through estate planning, or through a combination of these methods. In addition, scholarship donors always have the opportunity to increase an endowed scholarship to one of the three other levels.

Currently over 250 endowed scholarships are managed by the University and have been established by individuals, families, businesses, churches, and groups. If you have any questions about endowed scholarships or the Hall of Sponsors please contact our team at 660-248-6232 or email advance@centralmethodist.edu.

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