What is the role of an Alumni Board Member?

A member of the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association of Central Methodist University is selected to hold the position for a three-year term, and may be reappointed by the Board for another three-year term. Selection is based on demonstrated interest and commitment to the activities of the University. In accepting the three-year appointment, the person agrees to fulfill the requirements and meet the responsibilities associated with board membership. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Attend and participate in all scheduled board meetings and functions. Regular meetings are generally held in late January/February and April with a two-day planning retreat/meeting in the summer. Additionally, there is board participation at events and special recognitions that take place during the annual CMU Homecoming in October.
  2. Serve actively on alumni board committees as appointed by the president of the association. Committee meetings are usually held at the regular board meetings, but occasional meetings and teleconferencing may also be needed.
  3. Support the University through giving. All board members are expected to be current donors to the Central Annual Scholarship Fund.
  4. Become a representative for the University and the association by talking with other alumni, prospective students, members of churches, business leaders, and various school officials.
  5. Assist the University in recruitment of prospective students and prospective Alumni Association board members. In addition, assist in identifying potential donors for the University’s fundraising efforts.
  6. Represent the Alumni Association at off-campus University activities in one’s local area, including music performances, sports contests, religious services, alumni gatherings, etc.
  7. Be familiar with the programs and activities sponsored, organized and coordinated by the Alumni Association and the Alumni Office.
  8. Serve in an advisory role to the University administration and make recommendations through the Executive Director of Alumni Relations.