Message from the President

A message from Dr. Roger Drake, the 26th President of Central Methodist University:

Central Methodist University feels like home. It is a special place – in many places - where students cannot get lost in the shuffle. Consistent with its mission, CMU "prepares students to make a difference in the world."

These descriptions proved to be recurring themes from students, faculty, staff, and alumni during the recent presidential selection process. At a glance, one can gain an appreciation for the culture of teaching and learning, for the sense of belonging among the students, and for the commitment and dedication that exist on the CMU campus. Those same values apply to our many extended learning sites, too.

The Central Methodist commitment to a student-centered education is the driving force behind our presence in approximately 120 educational sites across Missouri. CMU students, regardless of their campus choice, can expect a quality learning experience delivered by a talented and caring faculty and staff.

If you are a new student, anxiously awaiting your arrival on the Central Methodist campus or ready to begin your life anew as a student at one of our off-campus sites, you and I have much in common. Like you, I have just begun my Central Methodist experience. I hope that you are as excited as I am about our journey. I look forward to watching you learn and grow on our campus and then watching you make a difference in the world.

-Dr. Roger Drake

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