Please note: Both catalogs are currently undergoing revision for the upcoming 19-20 academic year. Some dates are already updated here.

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Catalog, 2018-2019

OK, so a catalog isn’t the most exciting body of work you’ll ever read. But no document is more important than the University catalog. It contains academic information including policies, course information, degree information, and much more that is critical to your success as a College of Liberal Arts & Sciences student at CMU. You needn’t memorize it, but you would be wise to become familiar with your CLAS catalog.

College of Graduate & Extended Studies Catalog, 2018-2019

Just as the course delivery method for, and the type of student who enrolls in, our College of Graduate and Extended Studies (CGES) is typically quite different from an on-campus (CLAS) student, so are our CGES and CLAS catalogs. Our CGES catalog is filled with information you need to know to achieve your goals; answers to many of your questions are found here.

Past Catalogs